Thierry Henry, to become a hero or villain?

World Cup winner with France, Thiery Henry is assistant coach of Belgium

As the clock continues to tick, I continuously imagine myself in the shoes of Frenchman, Thierry Henry. Henry is a very prominent figure in French football, and it is only a matter of time that he goes to battle. The difference is that this time he goes to battle as one who intends to be a stumbling block to France’s dream of being world champions.  I am not sure that Thierry Henry would have wished for this and I am sure he would like to trade places and rather be with the French National team.

After that emphatic 3-0 victory over Brazil during France 98 which saw France emerge as world champions, Les Bleus came close in Germany 2006, losing on penalties to Italy in the finals. With all the big guns gone, France will fancy themselves as favourites but…………………their legend is in the camp of their opponents. Football’s technically gifted analyzers have earmarked the influence of Thierry Henry on Romelu Lukaku. So for Thierry Henry, he has upped the game of a monster who is set to devour his beloved French National team.

To the Belgians, Thierry Henry has been immense but will he rather take the accolade of “strangers”? We talk about professionalism. Yes, professionalism exists but we must also not underscore the relevance of patriotism, especially in the European countries. Patriotism might mean little down here but up there in Europe, it is a reference point in living. It will be quite absurd to brand Thierry Henry as unpatriotic if the Belgians qualify at the expense of the French[which I am sure will happen] but I am thinking about the lasting implication. You sleep and wake up to the “unwanted” reality of being part of a team that ousted your nation from the world cup when they had genuine chances of winning the trophy. How difficult is it for Thierry Henry the Frenchman to become Thierry Henry, the man whose brains ensured that the “butt” of the French national team was kicked?

As the anthem of the French national team is played at the stadium, I wish that the camera focuses its gaze on Henry. Then, we may see how difficult it is.

May the best team win but to Thierry Henry, the situation is dicey. His heart may be with the French but his mind and body must work for Belgium, his employers. This is a rare case of Professionalism vs Patriotism.

Woow!!!!! Thierry Henry the French maestro will now have to plot a way to derail France’s world cup ambition. This world cup has been filled with a lot of drama and it just couldn’t get any better than this.

It is a few hours to kick off but at the end of Belgium vs France semi-final game, will Thierry Henry become a hero or a villain?

Source: Ghana/Gideon Baiden